Teriyaki Sauce

Posted June 4, 2018 by tatiang
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Cole and I made this in about 15 minutes.  It tasted WAY too salty out of the pot.  But once we added it (not too much) to noodles and tofu and chopped celery, it was really tasty.  And not too salty regardless of the 1/2 cup of soy sauce (eek!).



Tofu Carnitas

Posted May 19, 2018 by tatiang
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I just made the tofu part (tofu + spices and vegetable oil) and it was pretty good.  A little too heavy on the cinnamon and too light on other spices.


Saag Paneer

Posted April 10, 2018 by tatiang
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This was fun… homemade paneer!


Outrageous Herbacious Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Posted April 8, 2018 by tatiang
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Tamara substituted fennel for the celery.


Quick Pickled Jalapeno Rings

Posted April 5, 2018 by tatiang
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Great with lettuce wraps or tacos.


Veronica’s Easy Spanish Rice

Posted December 23, 2017 by tatiang
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This was surprisingly good.  And it doesn’t require chicken stock.


Chicken Shawarma

Posted August 21, 2017 by tatiang
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This was a hit!  I marinated the chicken for about 90 minutes and then grilled it over moderate heat.


I served it with tzatziki (mmmm!) and heated the pitas on a griddle with butter and za’atar (not necessary but added extra flavor).