Handmade Corn Tortillas


Starting to puff up

Starting to puff up


Mateus woke up at 5:41am this morning.  And good thing he did, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to start mixing masa harina and water at 6:15am to let it sit for 30 minutes before tossing the freshly made corn tortilla dough onto a hot frying pan.

This is perhaps the easiest thing I’ve ever cooked.  Two ingredients: corn flour + water.  Mix by hand, let sit, shape into balls, flatten, and heat.  It’s that easy.  The Joy of Cooking has a quick write-up on how to do it, but I also really enjoyed this post at Gluten-Free Girl.

The fresh tortillas right from the pan are so tasty.  So what did we have for breakfast?  Quesadillas!


Fresh and tasty with melted cheese.

Fresh and tasty with melted cheese.

Recipe follows…That is, if you can call it a recipe.  It’s really very simple.  Mix 2 cups masa harina (fine corn flour) with 1.5 cups hot water in a bowl, using your hands to mix and knead the dough for several minutes.  Cover with plastic wrap and let sit 30 minutes.  Form balls about 1.5″ in diameter, adding water if needed to maintain a smooth moist (but not sticky) dough.  

Flatten the dough balls between two sheets of plastic wrap using the bottom of a skillet, a rolling pin, or a tortilla press (if you have one).

Heat a griddle or frying pan until quite hot.  Lay a tortilla down on the pan and cook for 30 seconds.  Flip and cook for one minute.  Flip again and cook for 30 more seconds, pressing down slightly with a spatula or your fingers to help it puff up.

Remove cooked tortillas to a plate and cover with a clean cloth.

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