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Salad Salad

October 22, 2009

Salad Salad

My son has the presentation down. He made this “salad salad” this morning, tearing the lettuce and green beans into pieces and adding cheddar cheese, dill, and fresh ground pepper.


Tom Kha Kai

October 20, 2009

“Chicken-Coconut Soup with Siamese Ginger and Lemon Grass”

From page 73 of True Thai.  See the recipe at

This was spot on.

Moroccan Stuffed Peppers

October 10, 2009

Cup o' Sauce


You can substitute large, hollowed-out tomatoes for some of the peppers if you like. Ground meat that is not too lean, such as meat ground from the shoulder, will yield the juiciest results. Here, the peppers are peeled before stuffing so they will cook through more quickly. Lalou suggests another method for those who are not calorie-conscious: Deep-fry the whole peppers in 420° oil for 1 minute, then cool, peel, core, stuff and bake.


Baked Wrapped Tilapia

October 3, 2009

This was good.  It might be better with a bit less of the topping.  I erred on the conservative side with the maple syrup.  Any more would have been too sweet.  I also overcooked it a bit at about 27 minutes in the oven.

Basic Stir Fry

October 3, 2009

I’ve been making this more and more often.  Quantities are approximate.


1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 large garlic gloves
1 cup green beans, in 2″ pieces
1 cup broccoli florrets
1/2 cup tofu, in small cubes