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Basic Rice Pilaf

February 21, 2011

SO good.  When I used to make this in college, people would always ask for the recipe.  It’s straight from the Joy of Cooking!  I sometimes omit the parsley, although dried parsley is good as well.  I add frozen peas right at the end before serving.



Tandoori Drumsticks

February 21, 2011

Really easy to make except for the part where you remove the skin from the end of the chicken leg.

Dry Rubbed Flank Steak

February 21, 2011

Easy and delicious.  The flavor is mild.  Five minutes per side (for a 3/4 lb. steak) was good.

Thai Whole Fish with Coriander-Chili Sauce

February 4, 2011

This was really tasty and easy to make.


Adjustments: I deep fried the fish, but it took many cups of oil (not just one as suggested in the recipe).  Next time, I would pan fry it in much less oil.  I used about 1 lb. of boneless whole trout and it was enough to feed 1-2 people.  The oil registered 325° when I added the fish, but it quickly dropped (the fish had been on ice at the store, so maybe that was why) to about 240.  It climbed slowly and didn’t seem to reach >300°, but the fish was cooked after 8 minutes.

I doubled the sauce recipe to accomodate the two fish and it made more than enough.  One chili was fine, not spicy.  Didn’t have tamarind, but lime-soy mix was tasty.